We really encourage our members to get involved in activities and societies alongside their studies. We understand that this can be hard for some courses, and where possible we will make sure that activities are available to all students.


Each year members can decide which activities and societies they would like to run with the support of SU officers. If you are interested in setting up a society, please email our activities officers at

Christian Union

Leaders: Steven Frost

Wednesday 1-2 West Block RR2 

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Comedy Society

Leaders: Amelia Mehra & Conor Smart

Tuesday 6-8 WB Litzpick 

Dance Society

Leader: Audree Barve

Fridays 6-8pm  W.B Litz Pisk Studio

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Film Society (Industry Insights)

Leaders: Karis Wakefield & Parke Fech

Tuesday 6:30-8:30 West Block Room B 

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Football Society

Leader:  Isaac Hart

Thursday 8-9 Kilburn Grange (ended for term)

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Humanities Society

Leader: Samantha Bilton

Wednesday 6pm NB Board Room 2

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Italian Society

Leader: Chiara Virgilio

Tuesday 6 – 9 N.B Meeting room

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LGBT+ cover pic.jpg

LGBTQ+ Society

Leaders: Irene Pawin &Noa Taylor

Thursday 6-9 West Block Room B

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Netball Society

Leaders: Emma Smart 

Wednesday 6:30-7:30 King Solomon Academy, Penfold Street, NW1 (Baker Street/Edgware Road nearest tube)

Yoga Community

Leader: Sofia Barysevich

Thursday 6:30-9pm W.B George Hall


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