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Campaigns at Central can be run by any student, regardless of whether or not they are on the SU team. Examples of current and past campaigns include:

- Repeal the 8th

-Free Education

- The Homeless Period

- One Day without us

-Dear White Central

- Boycott the National Student Survey

- Gender Neutral Toilets

Our current campaigns include Projects by You, Free Tampon and Sanitary Towel Trial, #CentralSaysEnough, Dear White Central and a call to Boycott the NSS. Plus it's Black History Month so there is a lot to get involved with. If you do want to get know how you can get involved or support, please email our student union campaigns officer via email: campaigns.officer

Repeal the 8th

Central Students' Union supports repeal the 8th campaign. On the 25th May there will be a Referendum in Ireland to decide whether to remove the eighth amendment from the Irish constitution. The removal for the eighth amendment would see Ireland taking a step towards legalising abortion care for those who need it.


We stand in solidarity with our Irish sisters and their campaign for a more compassionate Ireland that provides abortion care for all. To get involved and support check out our resource pack on the right and our short guide below.

Projects by You

Projects by You is brought to by our President Jake Saunders. It is a scheme that allows students to fund their own campaigns for the things that they care about. Allocations of up to £100 may be made at the discretion of Central SU’s Executive Committee. Applications are being accepted until 31st July 2018. Head to our Projects by You page to find out more information, the application criteria and to fill out a submission. We aim to get back to you in 5 working days about your application. We can't wait to see what you'll do!


CentralSaysEnough is a collaborative, active, working preventative 

model designed to tackle sexual violence and sexual harassment on our campus.The model follows four principles designed to reach all corners of our organisation; Training from the Top, Student Support, Public Signs of Solidarity and a CSE working group. 

The campaign launched on February 14th 2018 and we are looking forward to it being integrated into the infrastructure of the school in the future. Click the logo for more information!

Free Pads and Tampons trial

We are trialing free pads and tampons in the cubicles by the backstage bar. We have placed sanitary products in all toilets so please use them as you need them. 

If you have any concerns, suggestions, questions, or want to get in touch with the SU about this project then please email Rachel, our Women's officer who has been working to bring you this trial.


[email protected] 

Dear White Central

In 2016 the Black and Ethnic Minorities Officer Steven Kavuma held the event 'Dear White People' where we heard testimonials from individuals who identify as BME about their student experience at Central. 


2 years later we're asking: has the student experience for BME individuals changed? What measures have been put in place to improve diversity within the school and are they working? What conversations and debates are relevant to today's issues within the industry? 

On the 24th of April 2018 we held the Dear White Central. This event was made possible by our fantastic Black and Ethnic Minorities officers and student volunteers. We are so thankful for all our students and staff support in turning out to this event to ask the tough questions and look toward a more diverse future at Central. 

This event was a space where we were able to talk about Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion issues that are occurring within our school.

The night had a Q&A with our principal Gavin Henderson and (current student) Steven Kavuma , Testimonies of student experiences at Central and a panel discussion with fantastic, trailblazing and forward thinking people of colour who work in the industry.

If you want to view Dear White Central slides you can view this here.

Central SU have prepared a statement

(circulated to all students via email) 

about comments made during Dear

White Central by the principal.

You can read it here.


Q: What is the easiest way to Boycott the NSS?

A: To forget about it entirely.  


We need under 50% of third year undergraduates  to fill in the survey to successfully nullify the results & make  our point. We are also committed to giving you an alternative survey so that you can still have your say!

When you first enrolled at Central you gave permission to Ipsos Mori (The survey providers) to contact you about  the  NSS. Because of this, they now have your ‘permission’ to call, text and email you as much as they want to

get you to fill  in the  survey (yes… even at 6am). 

In order to stop them from contacting you again, just reply to any of their emails asking to be unsubscribed & they will take you off the system. 
You can reply to NSS emails with the following...

‘Dear Ipsos Mori,

I'm boycotting the National Student Survey because I fundamentally disagree with its use as a metric in the Teaching Excellence Framework and the continued marketisation of our Universities. Please refrain from contacting me again and unsubscribe me from any email, phone or text chains.’

After replying, you should receive a final email from them confirming you have been unsubscribed.

For more information you can check out our BLOG post about boycotting the NSS written by our campaigns officer Sally. 


We have part-time officers dedicated to supporting students from different marginalised or minority communities. 

These officers are:

  • Black & Ethnic Minorities Officer – To support and represent black and ethnic minority students

  • Dyslexia and Disability Officer – To support and represent dyslexic and disabled students

  • LGBT Officer– To support and represent students with minority sexuality and/or gender identities

  • International Officer – To support and represent international students

  • Women’s Officer – To support and represent women at Central.

  • Trans officer - To support and represent all trans  gender non-confirming students

All our liberation groups work on the basis of self-definition. This means our members are free to decide which liberation groups they identify with and have the right to be respected for that identity and not have it questioned. Equality and Diversity is at the heart of everything we do at Central SU and we are committed to making sure that everyone can enjoy their time here.

Keep updated with our Liberation campaigns and news from our officers on our blog!

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