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What is Student Council? 

Student Council is the decision-making body for the whole Students Union, that means that if you want to submit a motion add or make change to a policy we currently have at Central Student Council is the place to do this.


Who takes part in Student Council? 

Usually, Student Council is made up of the executive team who will look at each motion presented and welcome discussions from all Central students.

This time all will be done online and submitted motions will be presented on Central SU’s Website page for all to view. You can also submit a question or a rebuttal statement (argument) about the motion presented, (Please check the deadline for rebuttal submissions).


All students will be invited to then vote to accept or reject each of the motions presented (online link will be sent to all students).

The votes will be counted and then the results will be counted and circulated via email and on social media (@central_su)

Please note that a rebuttal will not be considered if it is not in direct relation to the proposal argument.

What is a the difference between on Constitutional Change and an Standing Policy? 

The SU follows the constitution which is a body of principles and precedents that we as a Union adhere to, this governs how the union should be run and set, therefore any constitutional changes that are due to happen must be passed, with a majority, by the members of Central SU.

Please note that all students automatically become members of Central SU upon enrollment. 

Standing Policy items are not written into the constitution but are items that we believe as a Union should be upheld in the beliefs of the Union moving forward, this just ensure that future teams continue to work and campaign for items that are presented.


What is a Rebuttal? 

Rebut. To defeat, dispute, or remove the effect of the other side's facts or arguments in a particular case or controversy.

So, in this case for student council, is to provide an argument with evidence in direct relation to the motion that has been presented, this is your opportunity to get involved, to share your opinion with the rest of the student body.

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