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Freshers FAQ's

When do events start?

This year's Freshers events start on Monday 30th September. We will have daytime, evening and night events taking place every day from the 30th through until the 11th October.

Do I need to buy tickets for Freshers events?

We know that moving away from home and coming to uni can be an expensive time, so we have tried to make sure that we have as many free events as possible on our line-up, including live music events, sports & picnic, and much more!

Events taking place in our  nightclub and our Bar will  have door charges assigned to them, however you can get entry to all of these events by buying an Central Freshers wristband for only £26. This will save you a huge amount compared to the standard nightclub or pub crawl entry charges throughout the duration of Freshers. 

For students who are under 18, or those who don’t want to attend the club nights at some our events, we also have some evening and day time events that have activities such as games, meet ups,which ware free and you can also come to our Freshers Fair which will have goodies and lots of free pizza.

How do I buy a wristband?

You can buy your Freshers wristband through this website. Follow these instructions:

1) Click the login button at the top of the page. If you are a fresher, create a new account. If you are in second year or above, click the ’student login’ which will direct you to our freshers event on Eventbrite. 
2) Buy your wristband/wristband package
3) Collect your wristband during Freshers.

For more information about wristbands, and for a list of collection dates/time click here

Who can attend freshers?

All new and current students (including all undergrad and postgrad students) can attend freshers. Some events will have limited tickets available on the door for plus ones. You can book a ticket for a plus one his includes our freshers finale which booked now.

How do I get home after a late night event?

We recommend downloading Citymapper available on smartphones to plan public transport routes. Uber and Bolt are also great taxi apps, and much cheaper than black cabs! Make sure you don't travel alone, and speak to a member of the team if you find yourself on your own.

Do I need to have ID?

If you are attending an 18+ event, then you will need to show some kind of photo ID to prove your age. You will also need to show ID when you collect your Freshers wristband.

If you still have any questions regarding Freshers 2019 wristbands, email [email protected] or post on the Central SU Facebook Page

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