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Knowing Me, Knowing SU- VP Postgraduate

In the run up to Freshers Fortnight kicking off, we thought it would be helpful for Central students to have the opportunity to get to know the SU team for this year. We've conducted some quick interviews to give you a brief idea of who each officer is, what they're like and what they're looking forward to when we begin in September- we hope you enjoy getting to know us!

Officer role: Vice President Postgraduate

Name: Laura Pirret Age: 24

Preferred pronouns: She/ Her

Hometown: Norwich

Course: MA Voice Studies

If you could be any animal, what would it be? An emperor penguin because they have both a larynx and a syrinx (used to produce sound) that create a pulse between each note. These are completely unique to each penguin, and help them to find their partners

If you could eat any meal right now what would it be?

Chinese takeaway

What is your favourite society at Central SU?

Football society, I think it's important to have sports even at a drama school

Why did you decide to run for this position?

I have previous experience as an SU officer when I was an undergraduate which enabled me to represent students. I wanted to continue the work to make sure students voices are heard

Which freshers event can you not wait for?

I'm so excited for the puppy party!

Which other officers do you see yourself working with?

I'll be working with the Disability & Dyslexia Officers, Welfare and International Officers, and look forward to spending a lot of time working the President and other Vice Presidents

What is your overall aim for the coming year?

To have a successful transfer to the next VP Postgraduate

Laura will be completing her dissertation late September and hanging out over Freshers until she hands over to the next VP Postgraduate. Unfortunately she won't be with us all year, but we do still get to enjoy her company over the coming weeks.

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