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Knowing Me, Knowing SU- Activities Officers

In the run up to Freshers Fortnight kicking off, we thought it would be helpful for Central students to have the opportunity to get to know the SU team for this year. We've conducted some quick interviews to give you a brief idea of who each officer is, what they're like and what they're looking forward to when we begin in September- we hope you enjoy getting to know us!

Officer role: Activities

Name: Laura Barritt & Sian Gurney Age: 20 & 21

Preferred pronouns: She/ Her & She/Her

Hometown: Loughton & Eastbourne

Course: 2nd year Drama, Applied Theatre and Education

If you could be any animal, what would it be? L: A rabbit

S: An elephant or a dolphin

If you could eat any meal right now what would it be?

L: Pain au Chocolat

S: A jacket potato with cheese and beans!

What is your favourite society at Central SU?

L: Yoga society

S: I love show choir

Why did you decide to run for this position?

L: To meet new people and have a laugh! S: To ensure students feel welcome when coming to Central, and to meet new people

Which freshers event can you not wait for?

L: I'm looking forward to the Puppy Party

S:The Puppy Party and Silent disco will be great!

Which officers do you see yourselves working with?

We could see ourselves working with the International Officers, Welfare Officer and Entertainments Officer. However, we feel we will work with all officers if possible to plan a wide range of activities

What is your overall aim for the coming year?

To make everyone feel welcome and included in Central's social life

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