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Knowing Me, Knowing SU- Black and Ethnic Minorities Officers

In the run up to Freshers Fortnight kicking off, we thought it would be helpful for Central students to have the opportunity to get to know the SU team for this year. We've conducted some quick interviews to give you a brief idea of who each officer is, what they're like and what they're looking forward to when we begin in September- we hope you enjoy getting to know us!

Officer role: Black and Ethnic Minorities

Name: Kaleya Baxe & Joseph Junkere Age: 20 & 19

Preferred pronouns: She/ Her & He/Him

Hometown: Both from London

Course: 2nd year Drama, Applied Theatre and Education

If you could be any animal, what would it be? K: Hmmm, that’s a hard question! I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid so maybe a dolphin? They’re quite overexcited creatures like me haha!

J: Honestly yeah, I wanna be a monkey cause they’re just so free!

If you could eat any meal right now what would it be?

K: There’s this vegan burger from a company called Vurger that I’ve eaten once and I honestly dream about it almost every day, I’ll have to attach a picture... J: Anything in the world?? Tagliatelle! No, a Thai curry! K: Ok I take mine back Thai food is my FAVOURITE cuisine let’s go for a Thai curry together soon please?!

Kaleya's glorious vegan burger!

What is your favourite society at Central SU?

K: Mine is spoken word society, it’s a lovely time in the week to get together with people in a relaxing environment and write some stuff either alone or together. I’m not even a writer but we always do fun exercises that make it really easy and accessible

J: Mine would have to be dance, you know I love to move!

Why did you decide to run for this position?

K: I think we both felt that we (hopefully) have a lot of passion and great ideas we can offer Central and also to challenge ourselves by taking on this role

J: Yeah, I wanted to learn more about my culture too and I think we’re in sync with each other on how we want to make Central feel like a more inclusive place

Which freshers event can you not wait for?

J: The Jazz and Speakeasy night looks so cool!

K: Yeah you go through a bookcase!! And it’s never been done before which is exciting

Which officers do you see yourselves working with?

In our role definitely with the international officers but also with the activities and entertainments officers as we hope to be bringing lots of fun events into Central this year!

What is your overall aim for the coming year?

We really want to make Central a more inclusive environment by bringing and celebrating non-white cultures into the institution and making them so much a part of it that they become a normality. We want all BME students to feel represented and at home here because they belong here as much as anyone else

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