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Knowing Me, Knowing SU- Disability & Dyslexia Officers

In the run up to Freshers Fortnight kicking off, we thought it would be helpful for Central students to have the opportunity to get to know the SU team for this year. We've conducted some quick interviews to give you a brief idea of who each officer is, what they're like and what they're looking forward to when we begin in September- we hope you enjoy getting to know us!

Officer role: Disability & Dyslexia Officers

Name: Jess Kolthammer & Robbie Moore Age: 20 & 20

Preferred pronouns: She/ Her & He/Him

Hometown: Watton at Stone, Hertfordshire & Sudbury, Suffolk

Course: 3rd year Drama, Applied Theatre and Education

If you could be any animal, what would it be?

J: I would be a lemur because they love running around and having fun, but also love sleeping and are super cute and fluffy! And they are my favourite animal

R: I would be a monkey because they're cheeky, lots of fun and they like to run around

If you could eat any meal right now what would it be?

J: Has to be a cheeky Nando's

R: A massive pizza!

What is your favourite society at Central SU?

J: Show choir society, because I love singing and it feels like you're on Glee!

R: Football society because I love to play games with friends/team mates and have a laugh

Why did you decide to run for this position?

J: I believe everyone should be able to enjoy their experience at central and no disability or learning difference should be allowed hinder that. I wanted to be able to offer as much help as possible to those who need it, and make central a safe, comfortable and accessible experience for everyone

R: I believe everyone should have a right to learn about, watch and perform theatre and feel safe and comfortable doing that

Which freshers event can you not wait for?

J: The Puppy Party! R: Silent Disco

Which other officers do you see yourselves working with?

Sally (Campaigns) to continue the work of the previous D and D officer in attempting to secure a pot of money for Diagnostic assessments, as well as activities to run a BSL society and Welfare to ensure that those who need to access facilities such as central counselling service through the learning centre

What is your overall aim for the coming year?

To ensure that everyone at central who has a disability or learning difference gets the everything they want out of Central using our help where needed and that we can increase the visibility our role as Disability and Dyslexia Officers, so people know where to access help when they need it

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