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Knowing Me, Knowing SU- Welfare Officer

In the run up to Freshers Fortnight kicking off, we thought it would be helpful for Central students to have the opportunity to get to know the SU team for this year. We've conducted some quick interviews to give you a brief idea of who each officer is, what they're like and what they're looking forward to when we begin in September- we hope you enjoy getting to know us!

Officer role: Welfare Officer

Name: Esther Lawrence Age: 22

Preferred pronouns: She/ Her

Hometown: Bristol

Course: 3rd year Drama, Applied Theatre and Education

If you could be any animal, what would it be?

I'd love to be some kind of cheetah or something for a day, all fierce but I'm really probably more of a puppy. A little bit manic but generally pretty cheery!

If you could eat any meal right now what would it be?

Roast potatoes and gravy. Not a meal maybe but it's the most delicious dish

What is your favourite society at Central SU?

Haven't really found the time to be part of any societies in the last year though am always tempted by yoga. Heard rumours of a netball society though and I am all for that! Shotgun goal shoot

Why did you decide to run for this position?

Loved being a part of the SU last year and couldn't bear to leave it. It's great getting to know the uni and people and feeling like actually maybe I can help make some positive difference

Which freshers event can you not wait for?

SILENT DISCO!! I'm uncontrollably excited

Which other officers do you see yourself working with?

Hopefully everybody in some different way. Welfare is a very very wide role and can and should involve everybody and anybody

What is your overall aim for the coming year?

To have a look at the way Central treats students with mental health problems, from a mental health policy to what we can offer through the counselling service. Very ambitious considering it's dissertation year but I'm gonna have a good bash at it!! But my main aim has always been to try and keep Central a healthy and happy place

Esther won't be around as much in person for the duration of term 1, but will be fully contactable via the Welfare Facebook page and also at [email protected]

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