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As theatre makers, we learn that our job is to present truth. Sometimes, that truth is difficult to hear. This week has been emotionally turbulent for many – from anger, to frustration to deep upset, as women of all intersections have shared their stories.

The Central Student’s Union are committed to ensuring the emotional and physical safety of all students, and as such, we wanted to publicly affirm our obligation to women at Central, to actively work at fighting violence and abuse of all kinds in the industry, as well as affirming our steadfast commitment to the celebration of our women, and the creation of positive role-models in the industry.

Whilst we are not claiming to be able to eradicate this insidious issue, we will continue to prioritize investing time, energy and campaigning efforts to do right by our students. This includes working alongside arts charity, Tender, on their campaigns, working alongside Faculty members to address the content of policies regarding reporting incidents, and of course, working to create dynamic contexts for women to take up space on platforms all around campus.

If you want a space to talk, a space to be angry, a space to just be, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the SU, you can email Rachel (Women’s Officer) at [email protected], Jake at [email protected] or any officer you wish.

Last week, Erica Whyman wrote in The Stage, ‘I have a responsibility to make our theatre a place where none of us needs to think twice before calling out and addressing behaviour that we all already know is unacceptable.’ On behalf of the Students Union, we want to echo this responsibility loud and clear. We will always call out when we can, and we will always be held accountable by our students.

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