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Recap: Black History Month

Black history month is over but more events are on the way. So Lets recap on this October.

We started with a meet and greet at the Hampstead Theatre for anyone who identified as BAME. The event gave myself and Kaleya a chance to meet new faces, catch up with friends and for new and old students to get to know each other! The meet up sparked great conversations about people's projects, interests and how we could work more together. By the end of the event we decided to organise a platform in which we could share and develop ideas for the future.

We wanted to bring in a professional from the industry for our first week. After remembering her amazing talk last year we emailed the amazing actress and speaker Ayesha-Casely Hayford to talk about hair from the viewpoint of actors. SHE SAID YES!! We explored the experiences of having afro type hair. The group talked about their relationship with their hair from the perspective of different ages, ethnicities and genders. For those talking it was beautiful to see that we were not alone in the struggles that can come with wearing our natural hair, and for those listening we heard it was enlightening to learn about issues they had never come across before.

Then it was time to dance!!!

Garcia Baxe came in to do a presentation on how Africans had a huge influence on Latin American dance, particularly in Cuba. We got to watch many different styles of dance, and then get up on our feet and have a go ourselves! Everyone enjoyed expressing themselves and trying something new. Rehearsal Room 2 has never been so lit! Special thanks goes to Mr Baxe and his partner for coming to Central and changing the game!!

Now for the finale. The celebration Party kicked off in the SU Bar. Let me tell you no one will forget the 27th October anytime soon. There was cultural cuisine (thanks Mum and Kaleya for the ace cooking) and fantastic music. We also had a line up of BAME students performing live vocals and powerful spoken word pieces on the night. They were all fantastic and truly inspirational. It made me proud to be a black student at Central. Special thanks to Mae Munuo and her sister, Angelina Chudie, Efua Lindsay and Daniel Walters for their performances, and to Jacob Seelochan for his great DJing skills.

We hope the mixture of activities included communication, creativity, passion and education. When planning the month, Kaleya and I considered these elements to be important because they encourage cultural expression, participation and inclusivity. Black history month should be a collective effect to remember and reinforce ourselves around our history. I share Frederick Douglas’s dream that one day Black History month wouldn’t be needed and that we would consider black history as part of all our histories. This is why we are committed to continuing to hold events all throughout the year, so Central students stay tuned for what's next!

You can follow the activities of JJ and Kaleya our Black and Ethnic minorities officers on facebook

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