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Mental Health Awareness Day

Did you know that 1 in 4 people experience a mental health problem every year? Yet there’s still a lack of conversation around it! Here at Central Students' Union we want to change that and make sure consideration of our mental health becomes a normal part of our day to day living.

Click here for more info about Mind

During the day the officers collaborated with the Student Advice Service to bring students the first ever Tea and Talk event. We encouraged students to talk about their self care tips over a cup of tea and handed out some resources that are available in each office such as guidebooks on how to manage anxiety and also resources from Mind.

Click here for more info about Men Talk Health

We also joined forces with Men Talk Health UK aka Damien and Davey; two men wanting to find out how honest we can be about our mental health. In the evening Davey and Damien opened our evening event in PK1 by sharing their own mental health experiences. After this they opened the discussion to the floor where participants were able to share experiences about their mental health and advice on how we deal with it.

We will be doing more awareness raising for Mental Health in the future and hopefully more events so look out for details coming soon...

Don't forget to check out the self care tips below, remember to look after yourself and priorities your own mental health. It is time to end the stigma of Mental Health issues and we can change the culture of shame around it with your help!

#MentalHealth #SelfCare #Awareness

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