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Art Lingual

Art lingual? More like Art-lingual-legends!

As the end of third year, and the end of my time at Central draws closer, scary things like writing a dissertation keep rearing their head. Even more ominous is the looming prospect of searching for paid work in the Arts Industry beyond that. Art Limgual’s workshop provided a much needed and soothing reminder that there’s a reason why we do our work, and that we are in fact very capable.

Olivia and Sierra graduated Central in 2015 and have since been running workshops and creating artwork orientated around welcoming people from immigrant backgrounds, and creating space to express themselves.

They guided us in the best ways to facilitate participants who have English as an additional language. We had improvisations of Britney Spears, races to elevate feathers, many postcards, movement sequences of our travel and much more.

Seeing Olivia and Sierra was such a positive reinforcement of what we can achieve when we graduate. Thanks again to Art Lingual and SU International officers for organising.

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