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Projects By You

Projects By You is a scheme designed to share the Union’s resources & funds with the wider student body. Far too often students forget that they are the driving force of the Union’s activity. With a cash boost of £100 and access to Union resources, you can now apply for assistance in putting on your own events and campaigns!

We recently supported two Postgraduate students, Jodie & Gabriele, in putting on a Chekhov masterclass for the Postgraduate community. They had already spoken to their peers and found an appetite for this event, and had found a teacher that would be willing to teach the class. But don’t fear! You don’t need to have already done this forward planning – we are happy to support you with your idea at any stage.

For more information:

“With the wide variety of content on Central's many courses plus pressure on rooms, it's inevitable that not everyone can do everything. Such a relief then to know the SU supported the PG body by offering a free event in a specialist theatre practice. It was so easy just to make it happen. If you are passionate about a practice and know professionals who could deliver a workshop, go, make happen, ask for more as many times as you can get. Make your time worth it here!” Gabriele, MA Movement: Directing & Teaching

"I'm so glad I responded to the ideas from my class mates (MA Movement) to put on some extra activities. We organised a Chekov workshop for all PG students and Jake / The SU were more than happy to support our request. It was a team effort from all, enabling us to mix across the PG cohort and spend time in the studio with a specialist teacher. I'm looking forward to organising more events like this with the support of the SU. It was such a rich evening of shared practice, only a fool would miss out on this opportunity. Go on...... APPLY NOW!" Jodie, MA Movement: Directing & Teaching

So get your applications in! We can't wait to hear your ideas and see what you do!

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