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Mistakes to avoid during Freshers!

We all make mistakes at some point in our lives and predominantly most of them come during the school period. It is a learning curve and we as a Students' union are here to assist and support you through this. So here are a few of the most common mistakes that have been made in the beginning/during first year and also tips on how to avoid this.

1. Forgetting essentials - Pick up a Freshers guide

Please pick up your guide from registration. With this guide you will be able to find out everything you need to know about freshers, events, discounts, maps of the campus and exclusive details of the first 2 weeks. So, don't forget the guide as it's a perfect pocket induction to the school, the union and the the major fun events we have in store for you.

2. Revealing EVERYTHING about yourself during drinking games (in your first week)

Otherwise known as playing 'Never Have I Ever' and accidentally spilling the gossip about your history, family life and whatever else embarrassing happened in your life.

It is naturally unavoidable that this is happening - but just try to spill it out in small portion sprinkled over the entire first year instead of the first week.

3. Packing pointless things you don't need

By the same token, don't pack every single thing you own into the back of your parents' car, just in case you might possibly use that spare TV remote at some point…even though you don't have a telly.

Not only will it clog up space in your student room, there's also the chance it will make you forget something that's actually important.

Trust us – it is not needed do not bring it!

4. Forgetting to set an alarm

Now freshers is always exciting and there may be a lot of late nights for the next 2 weeks but when it is all over you'll make this mistake a little more than a few times. Get yourself into a routine and you'll start getting used to waking up for those 9 am starts.

5. Register with Totum discount Card

Don't forget to register and use your Totum card and look out for deals and discounts, as it's one of the best way to save some money through out the year.

6. Make sure you are insured

Get insured!! Just in at any case you drop your phone or even have it stolen, it is better to be safer than sorry. So please make sure you get insured as it can save you lots of money.

7. Eating out in the beginning

Although it's fun eating out with your friends you'll cause a huge dent in your bank account over time. So make sure you get to a local supermarket and get those essentials so that way your not just saving money you are also looking out for your own well being.

8. Getting a massive Overdraft

Overdrafts are a necessity when it comes to student life, however you've got to remember that it's not free money! Be careful so you do not end up owing a lump sum of money. If you want or need any financial advice please see our Central Student Advice Service team can who will also provide guidance with budgeting or Student Finance advice, banking, Crisis Loans or Hardship Fund applications.

9. Buying every book on the reading list

Whilst this isn't directly related to freshers' week but rather the first year in general, you wasted way too much time reading books from the list... not even speaking off all the money that you could have spent on booze instead.

10. Trying to cook without the essential equipment

With all that spare time between classes, throughout the duration of the years, it seems like the perfect time to test your culinary talents and impress your new mates.

Buying all those expensive groceries just to realise that you do not have any basic equipment at hand.

We always recommend to buy the following essential kitchen equipment to make your first cooking experience a breeze: 

2x Crockery Set Cutlery, Dinner/Side plates, bowls, mugs and obviously some tumblers

2x Good Kitchen Knivesat first totally underrated - until you got your hands on the first quality knives!

1x large Frying Pan Pack a large one - you are going to end up for multiple days at once!

Colander and Baking tray to make sure you don't burn yourself - again

Cooking and prep utensils

Just take our word here - they are essential and going to make your life so much easier -  Remember to not forget the tin opener to open all those food tins!


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