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Freshers' Survival Guide!

Your first year is going to be a roller-coaster, incredible fun, emotional, as well as meeting new people (potentially becoming lifelong friends) and having experiences you’ll remember time and time again. As a student’s union we are here to make sure you have fun but also to ultimately make sure you feel safe and supported as a student. So here are some tips to make sure your first year feels like a breeze.

Firstly, you your time at Central!

Make the most of your time at the school as everything tends to go pretty fast and before you know it you will be saying your good byes and graduating. Be yourself and do the things that you enjoy.

Freshers Survival Guide

Stay Safe

Flying the nest can be a little intimidating but you’ll fall into place really quickly I assure you. London is an amazing city however make sure you stay with your friends and use a reliable cab service. You can never be too careful.

Make friends

Making friends can seem quite daunting but if you approach it with a positive attitude you’ll be fine. Your flatmates and course mates will all be in the same situation, so talk to them about it to break the ice. Most of the time the friends you choose at Central will end up being your lifelong friends.

Save Money

Don’t just rely on your student loan, try and save money when you can. Try supermarkets like Lidl, Aldi, Asda and Iceland that renowned for low prices and use your student card for discounts available. You could also get a part-time job alongside your studies for a bit of extra cash. Which also looks quite good on you CV.


Practicing safe sex is super important and will protect you from STI’s and any unwanted pregnancies. There are always free condoms available at Fresher’s Fayre and in Central students' union office.

Join a society or sport clubs

If you have a passion or a hobby/interest, we have numerous societies and sport clubs to choose from. Joining a club is a great way to meet new people with similar interests to yourself as well as being super fun.


Let your voice be heard and don’t let your vote go to waste. Every year Central SU hold elections for students to run as a part time officer. elections are held in May each year. You can vote for the person who speaks to your ideals and if that isn’t any of them, then run for Central SU elections yourself.

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