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The SU is run by students, for students. Officers and Council are elected groups who oversee what the SU does.

Officer elections are one of the biggest elections to happen throughout the year at the Students’ Union — they decide the officer team that will be responsible for the union.

Why Run for Elections?

This is your chance to be a part of the Central SU team. You'll be able to meet some great new people, build networks and develop a portfolio of skills and experience which will benefit you throughout your school experience and beyond.

Make a difference on what it means to be a student here.

Anyone from Central School can run.

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To formally decline to vote either for or against a candidate in the upcoming elections. So in the case if you don't wish to submit a vote for a candidate but don't feel that none are unsuitable for the role you can abstain and not cast your vote– your participation is then noted but you do not have a vote towards the outcome.

What are the benefits of standing for election?

Shape student life

Making a difference on what it means to be a student here is a big motivation for lots of people. You might be thinking in terms of equality, funding opportunities or being part of a wider student movement with a big voice and a strong conscience. Or you might have ideas about how to make sports or activities better here. Whatever your motivation, standing for office gives you a chance to shape what happens next.

Unique experience

Thousands of graduates will enter the working world through graduate schemes at big organisations, but only a handful will gain the kind of organisational leadership experience that leading your Student Union has to offer. As well as fulfilling your specific role, you’ll be part of the team, work with student services senior members of staff and supported by Student Support Officer to deliver communications and events for students.

Meet some great people

You’ll get to know like-minded people with the energy and passion to want to stand. There’s plenty of training and events for candidates and people often say they made great friends in the process.

Training and development

Whether it’s the programme of training, taster, and information sessions organised specifically for candidates, or the training and support Officers receive as part of their role, very few people will experience the kind of development opportunities that candidates and elected Officers at Central Students' Union will.


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