Welcome Week 2020 - What We're Planning???

Welcome week is about bringing people together, fostering friendships, introducing you to all the wonderful things Central has to offer and helping you settle in. All of this is possible in a safe and responsible way.

Initial approach for this term/year

Our approach this year will be online first. Our priority is for all members of our community to make the most of their time at Central- regardless of how they experience it. Guiding everything we do will be the expert advice of Central and the rules set out by the UK Government. Online first means that what we plan to do this September won’t be affected by changes in Government policy. You’ll still be able to make the most of the start of term remotely, no matter where you are. 

Visit our Welcome 2020 homepage to see the latest news and events. 

Our spaces and buildings

Although our priority is to create an exciting online experience, the campus will still be open albeit with a limited capacity. While all of our services will continue to be accessible remotely, SU office and our Backstage Bar, will not be open. We know how important these spaces are to meeting and connecting with other new students, so if you’re planning to be in London this September, we’ll be ready to greet you. We’ve carefully considered which spaces to open first, with your safety, and the safety of the students who work in our spaces, our number one priority.


Read a more detailed updated of what to expect here.

Events and Activities

Events during the Welcome period are central to meeting new people. We’ll be running a range of different online events aimed at helping you meet new people, find interesting things to do and learn about life at Central. Term starts on 28 September, but we’ll be running online events within the same week to also help you settle in. 

We’ll will will not be running our a Welcome Fair this year , what we will do in place of that is ​we have some discounts and goodies that we will be giving out and we will have a taskmaster game - further info about this event online is on the events page.


New measures will be in place to ensure compliance with the latest Government and UK Active industry guidance. Social distancing guidelines may reduce the capacity of our sporting spaces, but we’ll be working hard to support students to access sport and physical activity in a safe environment. 

We’ll always be here for you

Since March our services have been running remotely, and that’s set to continue. We’re still here to help you find ways to volunteer and give back, advise you on on matters, represent your interests to Central and make positive change, or help you form communities of your own. So, stay connected, use the support on offer, student union officers or the SU- Support Officer to support , and make the most of Central.

We’ll see you online in the next coming weeks.

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